Digital Aviation Analytics & Consulting

Founded in early 2020, FlightOpsLab combines numerous sources of Meteorological Data for a better Flight Tracking Experience.

Meteorological Overlays

Using APIs from exisiting Flight Tracking Tools, we developed custom Meteorological Overlays for better spacial analysis of Flight Activities within a certain Geographic area. This includes Weather Radar coverage in North America, Europe, most of Asia & Australia. In addition there are multiple kind of Satellite output, SIGMETs, METAR observation, TAF Forecast and more.

Your own Custom Overlays

Want to just monitor a specific Flight? Export the Flight Route from your favorite Flight Dispatch Software and overlay it along with your live Flight information and Meteorological Overlays. But it doesn't just need to be Flight Route information. It can be anything that you want as long as its in either KML or GeoJSON format.

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